The Bare.Bundle™

Bath time is not just about the towel, it's about the experience of connecting with your little. Introducing the most functional, hands-free, multi-purpose towel a parent can own.

Luxury for your Littles

"It's wonderful. I was actually surprised by how dry it stayed even while getting him set for bed on the changing table. We love it. Pretty neat material."

- B.Bell - New mom of One

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Towel Sizes

- Regular: (0-4yrs) 30"x43" towel
- Large: (5+yrs) 35"x50" towel

Material & Washing

- Shell: 100% Cotton Flannel
- Terry: 93% Viscose Bamboo & 7% Lycra Terry
- Wash Gentle & Cold. Tumble dry low. Do not bleach 
Best Practices: Flannel is a brushed cotton and will fluff with washing. Pilling is NOT a fabric flaw. Wash in a small or medium load. 

If you have any questions regarding material or sizes, please contact us
Design Patented  / Utility Patent Pending

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What parents say about the Bare.Bundle

I just wanted to thank you for making such an awesome product! We use our towel daily for our daughters' bath and they are perfect for her sensitive skin.

Amanda Charles

"I love that I can put him right on to my chest and bundle him up. He's still only 7.5 lbs so keeping him swaddled and warm is important... and it allows me to quickly chase the other two as they escape. "

Ashley K.

"Thank you for this GENIUS invention."

Jillian Harris

How it works!

The Oneberrie™ Bare.Bundle. ™ is not like any other baby towel, its the ONLY towel that transitions as Baby grows from Newborn to Infant to Toddler and Beyond. Parents deserve more MOMENTS not more things. 

  • Bath Time
  • Pool Time
  • Cuddle Time
  • Any Time :)

The Bare.Bundle doing what it does best...

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