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Dry skin? Ezcema? Natural allergies could make sensitive skin worse.

 Natural skin sensitivities exist and even more so with baby skin. We know the struggle all too well.
When we couldn't find anything that helped little H's skin I created Oneberrie's own lotion. Made with Rooibos tisane and all natural ingredients our Bare.Baba was the healing, soothing and moisturizing combo that his skin needed. Even better we are FRAGRANCE, SCENT, ESSENTIAL OILS & CHEMICAL FREE . Our Bare.BabaO lotion is perfect from 0-100+ and made for Oneberrie by OM Organics, masters in skin care.

Rooibos' properties include; anti-inflammatory and antibacterial. This will not only soothe the discomfort and itch of inflamed or irritated conditions (like blemishes, eczema, rashes, and sunburn), it will heal the skin. 

Want a solution. Try our Bare.Baba lotion TODAY.