Little Royal

Little Royal

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Original Bare.Bundle from Oneberrie


Hands-Free with the touch of a Button.

Oneberrie™ is dedicated in designing smart, functional and stylish products to help make bathing newborns and toddlers simple... because bath-time should be beautiful, safe and connected.

The Oneberrie™ Bare.Bundle. ™ is not like any other baby towel, its the ONLY towel that transitions as Baby grows from Newborn to Infant to Toddler and Beyond. SAY WHAT????

How it works, the Bare.Bundle. ™ buttons around parents’ neck in two (2) orientations for growing babies; vertically for newborns and horizontally for infants keeping both hands free, parent’s clothes dry and babies cool as cucumbers. As we all know, babies don’t keep, but as toddlers they can still feel the comfort and love by buttoning their towel around their shoulders to be superheroes or wrapped up tight

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Regular (0-4yrs): 30x43 towel 

Large (5+ yrs): 30x50 towel

Shipping turnover : 2 weeks