When they tell you they are scared, believe them.

Smarter Towels, Happier Experiences

A Safer, More Intuitive baby towel.

We innovated a towel that takes all the guesswork out of baby bathing. Our towels & linens are unique and logical, prioritizing your baby's comfort, attachment, and safety while supporting your postpartum journey. Even if you haven't considered the intricacies of bath yet, we have got you covered for the best experience.

woman attaching loop and button

Simple & Smart

Our innovative and easy-to-use button and loop system takes the guesswork out of getting babies out of the tub

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Built to last

Canadian-made luxury craftsmanship ensures durability, absorbency & softness, baby after baby.

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  • 1. Be Ready

  • 2. Swaddle

  • Hands free towel First bath.

    3. Head

  • 4. Body

  • Newborn wrapped in classic towel

    5. Out

  • 6. Massage

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