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There is nothing wrong with the towels in this section other than they may have a flaw or dirt in the fabric print, processing or not sewn the perfectly.

Want one?

Simply share your top 3 prints of choice in the notes and we will make sure you get one of them. 

Prints Available

Love you more (XO),
Three Bears (Bears),
Honeycomb (Bees),
Graffiti (Faces),
Cinnamon (Tan),
Plaids (Red, Blue, White),
Here Comes the Sun (Rainbows),
Marshmallow (White)


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How to bathe a newborn - 6 Steps

Step 1. Be ready

Have everything within reach. Tip: Feed baby a little before bath.

Step 2. Warm is best

Babies, just like adults, don't like cold water. Test the temperature with your wrist. It should be warm, not hot.

Step 3. Swaddle

Swaddle baby with or without diaper. This reduces their startle reflex that triggers their distress signal.

Step 4. Face & Hair

Wash babies face, neck and ears with the cleanest water. It will also adjust baby to the water and comfort. Wash and Dry hair after the face.

Step 5. Body Wash

Babies aren't "dirty" but all the kisses and touches need a refresh. With baby swaddled, gently put them in the tub and wash their bodies.

Step 6. Happy Ending

Loop and button your towel around your neck. Vertical for a newborn, Horizontal for an infant. When you are all finished, pick baby up with two hands and cuddle them into your chest. Wrap the towel around them and share the love of togetherness.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Love this towel

I love the adorable towel I received from oneberie. It is super absorbent and soft I would 100% recommend this product.

The key to a happy bathtime!

Our 3 month old had always screamed getting out of the bath no matter how quickly we got her into a towel and dried off. From the very first bathtime with these towels the crying stopped…hard to believe that just changing towels could do the trick but here we are! My theory is that both the size and the cozy material make for a much warmer experience for our little one, but whatever the reason, these towels have made previously stressful bathtime stress-free for the first time!

This is the greatest nurture you can share. I am so happy that you can take the stress out of baths for your little baby. Their only communication is tears so this is a mom-win for the ordinary moments. Great Job.

Sara Watt
So wonderful you need two!

Loved our first towel so much I had to get another so we always have one clean when the other is in the wash. So soft and cozy, we always have a snuggle and a feed after our baths and this towel gets our babe warm and dry right away. We have also brought this towel to the pool to have the familiarity of home baths, I feel it has helped to smooth the transition from tub to pool.

Tracy Benner
Love this!

I got a towel for the neck and it is awesome as I’m not doing the awkward chin hold with a toddler who hates bath time. I can just clasp it, and then grab my sqirming little one without worrying. Then we can do our “Baby In a Towel” made up song and our few moments of frustration are averted! Love the towel, it’s very soft and am excited to usw it with my baby in Feb. As well as will be buying a bunch to add it my “new baby gift” stash of my favourites for new moms.

Excellent purchase!

Definitely worth it.

  • What we believe?

    "I believe parents deserve MORE : More Function, More Sharing, More Connections. More from the items they trust with their babies. Modern parents are commited to learning new and better ways to parent and experience. We are committed to offering those new and better ways and be a new gold standard for bath linens" SR

    Skip the square & status quo 
  • Who Makes our Products?

    A bunch of very cool women and men make Oneberrie come to life. We want to support people with non-traditional work opportunities. Made, Sewn, Formulated and Packaged in The Rocky mountains of Canada.

    How we make our products 


Oneberrie acknowledges that we live, work, and play on the traditional territory of the Ktunaxa and Secwepemc in BC and the lands that the metis people call home.