What's in a name?

Welcome to Oneberrie - where each child's journey begins with a special moment of discovery!

Our name, Oneberrie, holds a heartfelt origin story rooted in the joyous anticipation of parenthood. Like many families, our first ultrasound at 7 weeks marked a milestone, revealing the tiny size of a blueberry, yet brimming with infinite possibilities.

Inspired by this precious revelation, our family affectionately dubbed our little one 'Berrie' during those early days.

As our brand journey unfolded and our first bare-bundle towel was made, I found myself seeking a name that encapsulated the essence of this cherished beginning. Thus, Oneberrie was born. She was my One 'Berrie'

But this realization soon dawned upon me - this moment of wonder isn't exclusive to our family; it's a universal experience shared by all new parents.

Whether it's the missed period at 7 weeks or the first glimpse of an ultrasound, every family experiences their own Oneberrie Moment, adding a new weave to the beautiful tapestry of parenthood. 

So, from our family's moment to yours, welcome to Oneberrie, where we celebrate the magic of beginnings and the journey of parenthood, one precious moment at a time.