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Why parents are switching...

Got Babies to bathe? You're an expecting or new parent, juggling the whirlwind of parenthood.

And it hits you, "WHAT ABOUT BATHS?" How am I getting them in? and out? How do I wrap them in a towel quick enough?", "How am I keeping everyone dry?", "How do I do it solo?"—it's a familiar struggle, even if you have done it before!!

Enter Oneberrie—the game-changer in baby & kids towels! We revolutionized bath time for parents like you. Our mission? To elevate everyday experiences with More connection & trust, Less chaos & tears, especially at bath-time.

Empowered to choose a different option than the traditional towels for bath time? We got you! It's a no-brainer.

  • Here's Why:

    ❤️Baby skin is 20-30% thinner than ours, as adults, until around age 12. Its super sensitive and texture matters to them.

    👂Babies primarily communicate through crying, the aspects of bath time that they find most challenging: getting in and out of the tub. When babies cry less, it strengthens the bond and trust between you and your little, ultimately boosting your confidence as a parent, grandparent or favorite aunty.

    🧠Babies' prefrontal cortex, or thinking brain, doesn't start developing until around age three, they rely on our thinking brain to help navigate their self-regulation as their survival and emotional brain systems grow.

    These make bath-time a crucial yet often overlooked moment in their development.

  • Here's How:

    Oneberrie offers a solution that's Bigger & Better. Our towels are designed to transition as your child grows and our extra small loops in our Terry are fitting for the youngest and most sensitive of skin.

    Getting soaked is the least favorite part of bath time Oneberrie is made with Canadian viscose bamboo and cotton, our towels soak up and wicking away moisture, keeping your baby (and you) dry and cozy.

    Every baby has their own temperament; some chill and some not. Oneberrie has a bath process that works for both. Every towel comes with a "How-to Bath a newborn" card.

    Oneberrie brings you Smarter, Happier Experiences. Our innovative loop & button design makes getting babies out of the bath a breeze.

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