7/10 first-time parents have never bathed a baby until their own

The majority of us don't even consider the experience of first baths or baths of any kind until we are in the throes of it and wondering, what the *bleep.

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  • Two children wrapped in hooded towels in the bathroom

    Big Kid

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We all want the BEST and SAFEST options, baths included.

Enter Oneberrie, the only hands-free towels revolutionizing the bath experience for you and your baby. Our mission is to alleviate the unknown, discomfort and distress babies experience at bath-time with our smart towels.

Parents love the oversized softness, the intuitive button and loop wear-ability, the face-to-face snuggle and the security of a comforted and calm baby. In parenthood, every small comfort is a win and every win matters.

  • Step 1. BReady

  • Step 2. Swaddle

  • Hands free towel First bath.

    Step 3. Head

  • Step 4. Body

  • Step 5. Dry

  • Step 6. Massage

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The result

Better experiences and calmer transitions whether it is sleep, awake or just because.

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