• Woman wearing towel multiple ways with a small child

    HOW TO USE...

  • 💙Patented, Simple Innovation + Luxury for littles

    💙Security and Comfort. Our Fuss-free design minimizes the tears, distress and panic that can come with first baths. 

    💙Handmade with love in every stitch IN CANADA 

    💙Made with fabrics curated for your baby's sensitive skin in mind.

    💙Dry fast with the 93% Viscose Bamboo, 7% Lycra CANADIAN Terry

    💙Bold and High Contrast Prints on exclusive 100% Cotton Flannel

    💙XXL and designed to grow with your little one. Truthfully, its almost the size of a regular world towel.

    💙TWO Sizes made to be your little ones forever towel.

    💙Fit ALL babies with no clutter to your home and will last beyond babyhood. 

    💙Easy to follow HOW TO BATH A NEWBORN IN 8 steps card. 

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