Our Social Good

Not just another average baby brand...

We offer bath linens and products unlike anything else on the market. We are not just another brand making status-quo products that can be found everywhere, filling our homes and our landfills. We are all about re-innovating ordinary products that work for all families and sizes and people. We are proud to be bath specialists only. If our goodies seems "uncommon" or "novel", you bet, they are on purpose. That's the Oneberrie Magic...

  • Our towels are rectangular, with the option of wear-ability throughout all infancy and beyond.
  • Our hair wraps don't have buttons because hair and heads come in all different sizes.
  • Our lotion is made with Rooibos because everything else can be triggering for sensitive skin and
  • Our robes actually dry. They are safe and tested with no belts or fake marketing. 

Our products are always designed with safety, comfort, sustainability and convenience in mind, so you can enjoy beautiful, predictable and smarter experiences every time. 

Sleep catcher and reset

Baths are a universal mood changer, sleep catcher and reset especially for babies who are just learning about life. With our soft, luxurious fabrics and expertly designed products, you can help your baby wind down and relax before bedtime or after a long day of play.

Safety first

We understand that parents have enough to worry about — that's why our products are created with safety as the top priority. Our materials are non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and free from harsh chemicals so you can rest easy knowing your baby is safe and comfortable.

We manufacture all our products out of our OWN FACTORY in Invermere BC. We partner and collaborate with as many North American brands that we can. We are committed to supporting and empowering women through these partnerships as well as hiring BIPOC, MOMS and LGTBQ2.

Our custom fabrics are knit and dyed in house in Ontario and our custom flannel is imported by our friends from China. 

Our tags, thread, and most notions are also Canadian made. Our packaging is all recyclable and we are on a mission to minimize our fabric waste to the landfills by partnering with other brands who can use them. 

Packages are shipped in compostable mailers or recyclable boxes, and we have replaced tissue paper with our Bath swaddles as Furoshiki wraps. 

The UN GOALS YOU support with US!!

UN GOALS that we work towards.