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Hooded Towels - Large

Hooded Towels - Large

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          LARGE 35x50inches =Toddler / Big Kid Towels

What makes us different?

  • Rectangular shape instead of square. 
  • All kids welcome - Zero Ick
  • Oversized with two thirsty layers for a plush feel without bulk.
  • Vertical & Horizontal wear-ability with an simple loop & button clasp. 
  • A smart combo of small loop Bamboo & Cotton flannel, like cashmere.

We're all about the experience

  • Minimize post-bath distress for a calmer bedtime routine.
  • Postpartum healing friendly regardless of type of childbirth.
  • Full coverage for babies front and back when you lay them down
  • In every towel, we share our fail-proof process for moms and dads
  • Big & Bold prints to support early baby vision and create connection.

Sizes and Care

  • Regular is perfect for new babies and first bath experiences.
  • Large is for parents who want MORE from their current towels.
  • Can be used by Big babies, Kids and Adults.
  • Wash Cold and tumble dry low or hang to dry. 
  • Piling is not a fabric flaw. Our towels will get softer with use. 

Extras bonuses 

  • Made in Canada in our own shop
  • Sustainable, carbon positive and handmade in Invermere BC.
  • Lasting use, because parents don't need more clutter or thoughtless products!

 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐"I know my husband will not bathe baby without your towels now. We don’t even touch the cheaper ones that we were gifted or purchased prior to experiencing your product" Laila

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How to bathe a newborn - 6 Steps

Step 1. Be ready

Have everything within reach. Tip: Feed baby a little before bath.

Step 2. Warm is best

Babies, just like adults, don't like cold water. Test the temperature with your wrist. It should be warm, not hot.

Step 3. Swaddle

Swaddle baby with or without diaper. This reduces their startle reflex that triggers their distress signal.

Step 4. Face & Hair

Wash babies face, neck and ears with the cleanest water. It will also adjust baby to the water and comfort. Wash and Dry hair after the face.

Step 5. Body Wash

Babies aren't "dirty" but all the kisses and touches need a refresh. With baby swaddled, gently put them in the tub and wash their bodies.

Step 6. Happy Ending

Loop and button your towel around your neck. Vertical for a newborn, Horizontal for an infant. When you are all finished, pick baby up with two hands and cuddle them into your chest. Wrap the towel around them and share the love of togetherness.

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  • What we believe?

    "I believe parents deserve MORE : More Function, More Sharing, More Connections. More from the items they trust with their babies. Modern parents are commited to learning new and better ways to parent and experience. We are committed to offering those new and better ways and be a new gold standard for bath linens" SR

    Skip the square & status quo 
  • Who Makes our Products?

    A bunch of very cool women and men make Oneberrie come to life. We want to support people with non-traditional work opportunities. Made, Sewn, Formulated and Packaged in The Rocky mountains of Canada.

    How we make our products 


Oneberrie acknowledges that we live, work, and play on the traditional territory of the Ktunaxa and Secwepemc in BC and the lands that the metis people call home.