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It's wonderful. I was actually surprised by how dry it stayed even after while getting him set for bed on the changing table. We love it. Pretty neat material .

Brittany Bell

I love it. I wish I had it when she was a newborn, that would have come in handy because she was so floppy and slippery!! My son might love it the most though, he uses the cape idea all the time. 


Thank you for this GENIUS invention. 

Jillian Harris

I love that I can put him right on to my chest and bundle him up. He's still only 7.5lbs so keeping him swaddled and warm are important... and it allows me to quickly chase the other two as they escape.

J. Egar

I was just thinking of you today. We used your hair first trick and newborn swaddle bath on our newest addition. One of the best tricks.

K. Narain

My son hated getting out of the tub. Saw an ad for your towels so thought I'd give it a try. He loves it and hasn't cried once at bath-time. We are in love with it.

R. Keanan

I wanted to say thank you for making such an amazing and high-quality product. I was so excited to receive the towels today. These towels make bath time (especially with an infant) so much easier.

T. Smith

Hi I wanted to say how much I love the bare. lotion! It cleared up my daughter's cradle cap when she was a newborn in a matter of days when nothing else worked! I'm sure you know how great your product is (not to mention the AMAZING towels).

S. Mitchell

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