Woman wearing towel multiple ways with a small child

Towels unlike any other on the market

We took the bath process at every stage; newborn, infant & child and designed ONE towel that supported the whole experience.

Your babies won't keep, but your Oneberrie essentials will. For you and them.

Baby & Kids Towels

Essentials for every Chapter

Bigger, Better & Smarter. Every towel is handmade with the warmth of Cotton Flannel and softness of Bamboo Terry. Oversized, Gentle, Intuitive and Safe for every chapter; Babyhood, Childhood, Parenthood.

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Why create a new towel?

Because we hated our square baby towels, their size, texture, skimpy coverage and weak absorption. We hated all the hacks, of putting it in your teeth or shirt or pockets. Needing more than one at any given time was annoying and so was the $$ spent on finding better.

Our Products are designed for the whole bath process from 0yrs. Intended to be innovative, user-friendly, and long-lasting to deliver extraordinary experiences.

Baths are necessary

But are no longer taught to new parents... WHY?

Hello, I'm Sue-Rose, CEO of Oneberrie, and I'm determined to change the experience of how new parents learn to bathe their babies. Bathing may natural but sometimes bathing a newborn doesn't come naturally. Curiosity is so important as a parent - so much of our experience is learnt one moment at a time.

Stay Curious: Smarter Towels, Better Nurture, and Happier Connections.

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Not sure what to pick? Attending a baby shower?

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "I love it. I wish I had it when she was a newborn, that would have come in handy because she was so floppy and slippery!!"