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Facial Kits

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Let's make each day Earth Day. How we take smalls steps to do so is up to us.

Step 1 - add these amazing kits to your skin routine. Made in AIRDRIE AB CANADA.

Spa Headband - Save your hair line, bangs or pp wisps. Comes with 2 buttons for sizing. 

Rounds - Replace your disposable cotton pads. If you value the power of minimizing your waste footprint, cheers to you - we 100% agree. For us this means using fabric to its maximum potential.  Some rounds will be bigger, some will be smaller but they all perfect however you need them. 

Laundry bag - Organic cotton mesh, perfectly sized. May shrink a little but we sized for that.  

1 spa headband,
7 reusable 3 layer "rounds",
1 laundry bag.