How to newborn bath method


1. I have towels already, why do I need this one?

Towels are the hardest working essential for new babies. Square hooded baby towels have been around since the beginning of time and are intentionally ill-fitting so that parents keep buying more. Oneberrie towels are designed specifically to make bath time easier and safer for your baby. Next time you bath your little one connect with the moment, feel how soft your current towel is. Where do you have to put it, how are you maneuvering your tiny slippery baby. How big is your towel and how does it wrap when you put them down. Come find us after.

2. Don't I need a hood?

No, you don't. When we created our towels, we wanted to focus on the best way to bath a newborn. In hospitals, newborns are bathed in steps. Firstly, washing and drying their faces and heads to significantly reduce the heat loss and keep them extra clean. When you do it in steps, the hood becomes nonessential for the actual bath although it is cute, but that is about it.

3. Why does it cost this much?

Most baby towels average $30 and up. More often than not, baby towels are intentionally made to be ill-fitting so that parents will purchase more towels in the first year of a baby's life to find ones that "fits" better... Imagine buying 5 towels like that, that is almost 4 times more than getting a single Oneberrie towel. We can't promise that you won't need two for laundry days but that will be up to you. Quality over Quantity wins when it comes to innovating ordinary for real parenthood. 

4. How do I care for my towels?

Flannel and Bamboo fabrics don't like hard agitation. Pilling is not a fabric flaw and can be reduced with gentle washing. We recommend you wash all of our products on a delicate cycle using cold water and tumble dry low. Treat it well and it will stay soft and cozy ensuring it will last as your little grows. 

Our towels are Design Patented and Utility Patented