COZY - Swaddles

COZY - Swaddles

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Swaddles Baths make first baths easier...   

Add a Cozy and you will see. With our perfect size, your little can be swaddled up tight not only to keep them warm, wet or dry but also REMOVE THE STARTLE REFLEX that all babies experience when they touch water. Bath-time game changer without all the material of regular swaddles. 

Where else can it be used, you ask?

  • Feeding-time
  • Home-time
  • Change-time
  • Tummy-time

For bath-time: Our cozy is what every parent needs. Get your baby down to a diaper and swaddle them in this flannel wrap while you wash their face and hair. While they are bundled up slowly put them in the water. No more shock and just the right size to keep them warm without getting in the way.

Measures 28inx32in