Bath Time! How to Bathe a Newborn Using The Oneberrie Bath Method

Bath Time! How to Bathe a Newborn Using The Oneberrie Bath Method

  • by JEN BAKER
  • June 20, 2022  
  • 2 minute read

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Preparing for parenthood as a first-time mom can be all-consuming and often not by choice. Pregnancy is a time when women should be able to slow down and savor every moment in anticipation of what is to come; instead, pregnancy has become a time of bombardment. 

Moms-in-the-making are kept busy for nine months with the things they must plan and purchase. It’s an endless to-do list, and lists are not in short supply.

  1. What to bring to the hospital
  2. What to buy for the nursery 
  3. Postpartum essentials
  4. Newborn must-haves

It’s overwhelming! 


Parenthood, in the modern era, has become complicated, unnecessarily so.  Babies don’t need a stylish crib, trendy diaper bag, or twenty newborn-sized outfits. They need you! 

Beyond love, affection, and patience, newborns need to eat, sleep, and be kept clean. 

“Bath times are beautiful,” says Sue-Rose Read, the founder of Canadian Company Oneberrie, a maker of luxury baby bath towels. Oneberrie wants every parent to enjoy safe, simple, and connected baths with their babies.

Because that’s what parenthood should be—simple. So love your baby, keep them safe, and the rest will fall into place. 

And don’t worry if, in all of your preparation, you never learned how to bathe a newborn; Oneberrie is here to help. Our eight-step bath method, passed down from generation to generation will teach you everything you need to know about bath time with a newborn.    


The Oneberrie Bath Method

  • For a calm bath time experience, try feeding your baby a little bit beforehand.

1.     Be Prepared

Gathering essential items before you have a slippery baby on your hands is more manageable. So begin by putting your Oneberrie hands-free towel on and laying out everything you need; shampoo, body wash, cloth wipes, swaddle, lotion, diaper, and pajamas.

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2.     Test the Temperature

Would you want to take a polar plunge? Neither does your baby. Warm is best; remember to always test the temperature with the bottom of your wrist before putting your baby in the water.  

3.     Swaddle Baby

It may seem counterintuitive, but you want to leave your baby’s diaper on at this point. Then wrap them up, so they are nice and cozy with Oneberrie’s Cozy Swaddles—this will keep them warm and their startle reflex at bay when they first make contact with the water. 

4.     Face First

Starting from the top down ensures you wash your baby’s face with clean water. It also helps your baby adjust to the temperature. So go ahead and wash your baby’s face, neck, and behind their ears.  

5.     Hair Care

Use the football hold with your baby still swaddled to bring them to your hip. With your free hand, wash and dry your baby’s hair. 

6.     Body Wash

After you’ve washed your baby’s head, you’ll want to shift focus to their body. If the umbilical cord stump is still attached, you must keep it dry. In this case, use a sponge to clean your baby gently. 

If the umbilical cord has fallen off, you can remove the diaper, wipe their bum, and swaddle them again. Gently place your swaddled baby in the water, keeping ahold of them. Use the swaddle as a washcloth. 

Take your time, and embrace the moment. It’s the perfect opportunity to connect with your newborn.

7.     Hands-Free Magic

After bathing your baby, take them out with two hands and bring them to your chest. Bundle them up in the Oneberrie hands-free towel you’re wearing, and enjoy cuddling your baby. 

8.     Massage

Oneberrie’s Bare. Rooibos Lotion is the perfect way to end bath time. Apply the lotion, starting with the face. Then move to your baby’s body working in a crossing motion from right hand to left foot and vice versa. Massage the lotion onto your baby’s skin and move their arms and legs to help get gas bubbles out. 

Massage is great for your baby’s muscles and joints and encourages bonding, so don’t skip this important step.  

How Often to Bathe a Newborn

There is no need to bathe your newborn every day (doing so can dry out their sensitive skin). So, aim to bathe your baby between one and three times a week. Oneberrie’s Bath Time Gift Bundle has everything you need to make bath time a breeze. 

Oneberrie provides parents with simple, sustainable products: bath towels, robes, and hair wraps designed to grow with your child. Visit Oneberrie today and show your support for a woman-owned and operated business. 

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