Innovating the Ordinary: How to Use Oneberrie’s Hands-Free Baby Bath Towel

Innovating the Ordinary: How to Use Oneberrie’s Hands-Free Baby Bath Towel

  • by JEN BAKER
  • June 20, 2022  
  • 2 minute read

Innovation is about new ideas. It’s finding a better way. In this case, a better way to do bath time. Luxury baby bath brand Oneberrie is committed to innovating the ordinary. They create smart, simple, sustainable products to make parents’ lives easier. Products like their hands-free baby bath towel. A real game-changer when it comes to bathing babies.    

If you are a parent, you are probably familiar with the hooded towel. Yes? These square towels have dried babies for over seventy years since they made their way onto the market. But, truth be told, their size and shape make them impractical for a growing baby. 

Think about it. Why do we use square, ill-fitting towels to dry a vulnerable, slippery baby? Why don’t they fit when newborns stretch from the fetal position or when they grow? Why are they so thin when babies can’t regulate their temperature? Questions like these led Sue-Rose Read, professional engineer and founder of Oneberrie, to recreate the baby bath towel. 

Now, if you think there is no way a towel could be innovative, think again! 

Oneberrie has hit on a new design with a patented loop and button closure. This feature allows their towel to transition with your baby as they grow—from newborn to toddler and beyond. 

Remember, innovating the ordinary is about simplicity; this means Oneberrie’s loop and button closure is as easy as 1-2-3, which also happens to be the number of ways you can wear this luxurious towel.  



Bathing a newborn is meant to be a beautiful, bonding experience, but struggling to wrap a slippery baby in an ill-fitting square towel creates anxiety. With the Oneberrie hands-free baby bath towel, you can enjoy a safer, more comfortable bath time experience knowing there is plenty of fabric to bundle your precious baby in. 

Before bathing your newborn, put the Oneberrie towel on vertically, fastening it around your neck with the attached loop and button. That’s all there is to it!

The drape of the towel, when worn this way, ensures there is plenty of fabric regardless of how big or small your baby is. 

Your newborn will love snuggling into the cozy bamboo and terry lining, so get ready to enjoy those post-bath baby cuddles!


Handmade in Canada, Oneberrie wants parents to have more moments of connection with their littles, not more things. That’s why they have created a towel with plenty of room to grow into. 


As your baby gradually grows, turn the towel horizontally using the loop and button closure to fasten it around your neck. The hands-free design continues to ensure your baby won’t slip from your hands while being transferred from the bathtub to your loving embrace. 


It may be hard to envision your baby becoming a toddler—slow down time—but the Oneberrie towel will grant you peace of mind when you see how easily it transitions with your child’s growth spurts.

When you blink and suddenly have a toddler, forego the loop and button enclosure in favor of wrapping the towel around your child. The super-soft 100% cotton shell will feel absolutely luxurious. 

And there you have it! One towel, two orientations, and three ways to wear. It really is as easy as 1-2-3. 

Visit Oneberrie to shop a large selection of bath towels, robes, swaddles, and cloth wipes.

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