Oneberrie’s Ultimate Guide to Gifts for New Moms

Oneberrie’s Ultimate Guide to Gifts for New Moms

  • by JEN BAKER
  • June 21, 2022  
  • 2 minute read

Life is full of significant milestones—graduation, first job, new car, marriage, babies. If you’re looking for the perfect gift for a new mom, you have reached the baby phase. 

When you get to this point, it can often feel like something must be in the water because suddenly, babies start appearing everywhere. And babies, bring baby showers—a time for celebration and gift-giving. 

It’s true, children themselves are a gift, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for practical presents. 

Women, especially moms, love gifts that make their lives easier, which is where Oneberrie comes in. Committed to innovating the ordinary, Oneberrie brings simplicity and sustainability to a range of bath products designed for childhood but innovated for parents.  

So, whether you are looking for baby gifts for an upcoming shower or something specifically for a new mom, let us take the guesswork out of gift-giving with Oneberrie’s Ultimate Guide to Gifts for New Moms. 

Baby Gifts

1. The Oneberrie Towel $48.95

This luxurious towel designed for little ones is a gift every new mom would love to receive. With a patented loop and button closure, the Oneberrie towel can grow with a child, from newborn to toddler and beyond, making it the only towel they will ever need! 

Wearable in three ways and available in various prints from Wild floral to Love You More x’s and o’s, this two-orientation towel will make bathtime moments extra special. 

2. CaaOcho Ocean Natural Rubber Bath Toy $16.99


Canadian Company CaaOcho, creates a range of baby teethers and toys made from 100% pure natural rubber, making them safe and non-toxic. We at Oneberrie love their range of bath toys because they are hermetically sealed. Moisture can’t get inside, making it impossible for bacteria and mold to grow. 

Their ocean collection of bath toys safely entertains babies while putting parents’ minds at ease. Choose between four adorable ocean creatures: butterflyfish, whale, turtle, or seahorse—all designed using bright colors and different textures to spark imagination and promote sensory development.

3. Rocky Mountain Soap Co’s Baby Bum Balm $25.00

With nearly 900 five-star reviews, Rocky Mountain Soap Co’s Baby Bum Balm has earned its spot on our Ultimate Gift Guide for New Moms. This balm, made with jojoba, calendula, and chamomile, is incredibly effective at stopping diaper rashes. It also works for cradle cap and to soothe dry skin. 

Baby Bum Balm is petroleum-free and non-toxic, made without sulfates, parabens, or phthalates. Disposable and cloth diapering parents alike are raving! Read the reviews if you need further convincing about the soothing nature of Rocky Mountain Soap Co’s Baby Bum Balm.

4. Cozy - Swaddles 2 Pack $33.00

Swaddled babies are happy babies, making the Cozy Swaddle one of the best baby gifts you can buy for a new mom.  

Swaddles are often used during feeding, tummy, or change time, but bath time is what Oneberrie’s flannel Cozy swaddle was designed for. With less material than a regular swaddle, the Cozy removes the startle reflex that all babies experience when they first touch the water. Swaddling also keeps babies warm during bathtime.

5. Story Time With Indigo 

Instead of attaching a congratulatory card with your gift, why not a book. Practical parents will surely appreciate the longevity of a book versus a throw-away card, and reading books to babies stimulates language and cognitive thinking skills. Reading is also an excellent opportunity for parents to bond with their little ones. 

Indigo is Canada’s biggest bookstore and our favorite place to shop for baby and children’s books. We love The Pigeon Needs a Bath Book, from Mo Willems’ hilarious and beloved Pigeon series, but Indigo has so many great books to choose from it might be hard to pick just one. 


6. Baby Gift Basket $86.25

Ok, this is more of a baby gift bundle than a baby gift basket, but rest assured basket or not, the Oneberrie Gift Bundle will bring joy to any new mom. 

With simple, stylish, and sustainable products for today’s modern momma, this bundle is the best of Oneberrie. It includes one hands-free towel, Cozy swaddle, washcloth, Bare Rooibos Lotion, and Oneberrie’s 8-step bath method for newborns. 

7. Baby Books By Mushybooks $85.00

We love Mushybook’s high-quality keepsake books! Another Canadian company, Mushybooks, was created to give parents options beyond pink and blue. Their baby books are fantastic because they have the perfect balance of prompts, space for photos, and room to write what YOU want to remember. Without tacky graphics or cheesy headings, these modern keepsake books make a beautiful gift that new moms will cherish for many years to come. 


Gifts for New Moms

One could argue that most baby gifts are for baby and mom, but after a long day, moms need a spa experience, not another burp cloth. So don’t forget about the real MVPs because let’s face it, moms are superheroes. They deserve pampering. 

So, with that in mind, Oneberrie has created these perfect gifts for both new and experienced moms: 

1.Facial Kits $20.00

Glowing skin doesn’t have to go away after pregnancy. Give the gift of an at-home spa experience with Oneberrie’s facial kit. It’s easy for moms to prioritize self-care with the included spa headband, seven reusable three-layer rounds, and laundry bag.

2. Hair Wrap $40.00

Take the spa experience one step further with the Oneberrie Hair Wrap. Handmade in Canada with a 100% cotton flannel outer shell and bamboo/terry liner, this hair wrap will bring an element of luxury to any new mom needing rest and rejuvenation. 

For the best baby gifts, visit Oneberrie today and find a large selection of bath towels, robes, swaddles, and gifts for new moms

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